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Fleur SophiaProductsFaux Orchid Pink Orchids

Faux Orchid Pink Orchids


A beautiful pink faux orchid in a grey pot, it makes a stunning centre piece 70 cms in height, by choosing a faux orchid in a pot you can enjoy this stunningly symmetrical flower all year round.

Whether its for your home or faux orchids office flower, with our beautiful faux orchid arrangements you can leave that all behind. Natural bamboo canes in the root system support the long orchid stems so they can stand tall and show off their impressive real-touch flowers.

You’ll never have to pay for feeding repotting or inevitably or inevitably replacing your orchid and don’t forget about all the time you will save too! silk orchids allow us to enjoy the orchid’s natural beauty and splendour without the concerns of caring for real orchids.

Each artificial orchid plant is handcrafted by skilled artisans, with each leaf carefully cut from a silk-polyester blend and UV treated t ensure botanical accuracy and lasting colour.

This large orchid makes a beautiful gift for Birthday, Anniversary, or treat yourself.


Free post and packing for limited time.

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